low profile floor systems

Low Profile systems follow the same principle of floating floor systems and are ever-increasing in their popularity as more and more people see the benefits of underfloor heating and want to add it to their property. Low profile systems can be laid directly onto any solid floor surface to provide an even heat output with minimal reduction in floor build-up.


  • Ultra slim floor build up

  • Suitable for both new and refurbishment applications

  • Wooden floors can be laid directly over insulation layer

  • Fits over existing floors

  • Quick response time


AmbiLowboard can be used in existing and new build applications. It utilises the same concept as our AmbiFloat systems but has been scaled down using higher density materials to have minimal impact on the floor build-up, utilising Incognito 12mm pipework. This system is suitable for both new and refurbishment applications. Wooden floors can be laid directly over the insulation layer.

(typical heat output: 80 watts/m²)


The AmbiScreedboard system can be used in existing and new build applications. It requires a flat and level sub floor for the screedboard to fully support the floor finish on top. The screedboard is pre-grooved to take a 12mm underfloor heating pipework. Having the properties of a screed with low thermal resistance, this system couples excellent output with low build-up.

(typical heat output: 100 watts/m²)


The AmbiChipboard system is another
development of our low floor build-up range which is designed to provide a structural flooring solution that incorporates a 12mm underfloor heating pipe. A 6mm ply is required to be fixed down over a high grade chipboard. This protects the top of the pipe and provide extra strength to the floor. Floor finishes can be installed directly on top of this to complete the floor build-up.

(typical heat output: 70 watts/m²)

NEW: the thinnest screeded UFH system:

You can read all about it here: Low profile UFH