We were recently contacted by a builder working on a residential house in Edinburgh. The client wanted the design freedom that Underfloor Heating offers, but as often happens in refurbishment projects, there was a problem.

Faced with an existing property, the external walls, ceiling, stairs and sub floor all staying in situ, the Underfloor Heating system therefore needed to have an extremely low profile.

The chosen solution consisted of the AmbiSoLo panel system and 12mm Ambiente underfloor Heating pipe. This is the low profile variant of the usual 17mm Ambiente Underfloor Heating pipe that installers love. Sturdy castellated plastic panels were laid onto a clean and primed subfloor, a high grab adhesive backing fixing the panel securely in position. The panels can be trimmed with a builder’s retractable knife to ensure a good fit.


Thinnest underfloor heating edinburgh

Full Underfloor Heating designs were created for our installation team. These full colour drawings (like in this news item) make for easy interpretation. Each loop is clearly identified on the drawings, including loop lengths. The 5 layer PE-RT pipe is stamped at every metre to take the guesswork out of the installation.

Our attention to detail is such that we include a cold form bend (like a mould) on each pipe as it enters the floor. It’s only a little thing but this keeps the manifold area tidy and helps the floor layer when the final floor covering is applied. Space was limited in the manifold cupboard, but thanks to the versatility of the stainless steel manifold, it could be spun around to allow the circulating pump and integral blending valve to be mounted on the other end. It makes our plumber very happy.

The Underfloor Heating Scotland pipework is pressed between the castellations of the floor panel, installation is quick, and we think rather neat. A thin levelling compound is applied over the whole floor to a depth of 25mm. A clever feature is a hole in the top of each castellation, which allows the screed to flood in to eliminate voids in the floor construction.   

The floor will accept most coverings; this one will be finished with a luxury vinyl tile.

Each zone in the property is fitted with a fully programmable thermostat. The client selected our wireless controls, but low voltage and mains cable hard wired versions are also available.

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Interior photography: Photographer Stirling