Energy efficient

Underfloor heating is the most energy efficient way of transferring heat into any room since it works by radiation from the floor surface onto other surfaces in the room and from there heating the airspace. This is a more natural form of heating and requires lower flow temperatures due to its increased surface area. In terms of savings, heat pumps are reported to save up to 50 percent in energy costs.

eco friendly

Underfloor heating is an integral part of the green revolution in contemporary heating solutions. It requires much lower water
temperatures than conventional heating systems, it can be connected to a range of eco-friendly heat generators such as air and
ground source heat pumps
making it the natural partner for heating concepts in the renewables sector.

Renewable Energy

Our Underfloor Heating systems are connected to a number of heat generating appliances. Whilst traditionally fossil fuels have been used, renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted. Harnessing the most abundant source of energy - the sun, heat pumps extract solar energy which has been absorbed by the air, the ground, rivers and lakes.