Underfloor heating Scotland by Incognito Heat Co, a company with over ten years of experience in underfloor heating and renewable energy systems like ground and air source heat pumps, conveniently located between Edinburgh and Glasgow in the central belt of Scotland. We have been keeping families warm and comfortable with our reliable high quality underfloor heating products.

UNDERFLOOR HEATING & heat pumps, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, SCOTLAND

In Scotland, Incognito has done too many projects to list here, but we nevertheless want to highlight a few:

  • Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow

  • AMA homes, luxury apartments Fountainbridge Edinburgh

  • Underfloor heating in a Edinburgh townhouse

  • Farmhouse in Fife

  • Social housing project in Falkirk

  • Residential house in Auchterarder

  • Offices in Aberdeen

  • A church building in Stirling

For more info about these underfloor heating projects in Scotland visit the NEWS page.

Luxury living in Scotland with underfloor heating at the Larbert House and country estate by All Saints Living

underfloor heating Edinburgh glasgow stirling scotland, resumé

Benefits to the home owner:

  1. Design Freedom - no space-consuming radiators to hinder your interior planning

  2. Control - individual thermostats let you choose the temperature for every room

  3. Safety - concealed system eliminates hazardous sharp edges and dangerously hot surfaces

  4. Silent Operation - amazingly quiet operation leaves you undisturbed providing a peaceful environment

  5. Economical - operating temperatures are much lower than traditional radiators which means much greater heating efficiency, reducing your heating bills by up to 30%

  6. Health - radiant heat reduces dust and humidity, easing allergy and irritation

  7. Unrivalled Comfort - Gentle surrounding heat warms and relaxes you. Even heat distribution eliminates cold spots making for all over heat. Systems can be switched to a cooling system during the summer months providing gentle cooling from the ground up

Underfloor heating with heat pump, Edinburgh

BENEFITS TO THE developer:

  1. Design Freedom - no space-consuming radiators to hinder your interior planning.

  2. Reliability – Incognito pipe is guaranteed for a market leading 75 years - better still, there are no connections under the floor.

  3. Sustainability - Incognito systems are compatible with renewable energy sources including geothermal heat pumps.

  4. Speed of installation – Installations are usually complete within one working day (per property, depending on size of install). Unlike radiators, there is no second fix.

  5. Potential cost savings – Depending on your current floor makeup, you may not require any additional materials other than UFH pipe, to give you underfloor heating in the properties you’re creating.

  6. Upselling opportunity – Underfloor heating Glasgow Edinburgh is widely considered a perceived luxury upgrade. This provides you with the opportunity to add value to the homes you’re creating with very little additional spend.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

A typical proposal for underfloor heating Edinburgh Glasgow Stirling Scotland:

Underfloor Heating Edinburgh, is an effective means of creating comfort conditions within this property. Whether it is selected for this reason, or because of the space it frees up, or to improve the efficiency of the heating system, it is easily accommodated. A common installation method is to attach pipework to insulation above a slab which is then screeded. Pipework is secured to the insulation, following layout plans we will provide. Designs are prepared to BS EN 1264; these will detail the heat losses from each room, ensuring that the system will deliver sufficient warmth even on Scottish coldest days. 

Floor construction

The insulation thickness will be specified by the architect, boards must be laid onto a flat and level surface to permit boards to lie without rocking. A vapour barrier must be fitted above the insulation, with all joints overlapped and well taped to prevent screed loss. Edge insulation is provided to be fitted around the perimeter of each room and around all pop ups to allow for expansion and prevent lateral heat loss. 

Each zone will be controllable for time and temperature. We will discuss the layout of this property with you to make sure you are comfortable with our zone proposals. Adjacent rooms with similar target temperatures may share a thermostat; we look forward to your comments. 


Underfloor heating Edinburgh

A range of thermostats are available, we propose a digital, fully programmable model for this property. This provides precise, flexible and simple control to optimise the efficiency of the system. Traditional dial stats and smart phone enabled controls are also available as options.

Manifold installed in a refurbished country house in Stirling

The manifold is the heart of the system. From this point all pipework radiates to supply the house with warmth. The equipment has a utilitarian appearance and is normally housed within a cupboard. As can be expected, warmth is generated by the manifold when the system is running, and the cupboard will become warm. As a result, many clients choose to turn this space into airing cupboards where the energy is usefully employed. 

A circulating pump and integral blending valve is supplied with each manifold. This permits the installation of oil, gas or electric boilers as the incoming water temperature is reduced by the mechanical blending valve before entering the floor. Savings can be achieved by reducing the boiler output, as there is no need to heat water beyond 65⁰C.

Floor coverings

Many floor coverings are compatible with Underfloor Heating Scotland. Whilst ‘cold’ materials like stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles will feel warmest, softer materials such as wood and carpet are also compatible. Always tell the flooring supplier that UFH is installed. Please inform us with the preferences for each room to incorporate the correct thermal resistances into the design. 

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