Incognito also supplies and advises on many other underfloor heating parts that make up an underfloor heating system. From adhesives and compounds to actual floor coverings, speak to one of the team today.

Other Underfloor Heating Parts

Incognito can supply all the necessary insulation products, as well as board materials for laying over the top of floating systems. We offer a small range of flooring adhesives, particularly for use with floating and low-profile Underfloor Heating Systems, where various parts of the floor make-up need to be bonded together. We also offer primers and levelling compounds for floor preparation and levelling. We have got agreements in place with reputable suppliers and can offer competitive rates on branded products.

While our product failure rate is negligible, we believe in holding a stock of all common working parts, so that any servicing and maintenance work carried out on your system is of the least cost and disturbance.


Underfloor heating diffuser plate

Border edge insulation