Incognito works exclusively with the Ambiente underfloor heating pipe that is known and favoured by installers throughout the UK for its flexibility, durability and quality.  It is designed to stringent specification and manufactured in Germany to the highest international standards. 

Underfloor Heating pipe

Underfloor heating pipe as used by Incognito is designed specifically for use within Underfloor Heating systems and in contrary to general plumbing pipe, it is designed for its purpose – to dissipate the heat quickly and evenly, rather than act as an insulator (effectively holding the heat in) which some plumbing pipe is designed to do.

Our range of Underfloor Heating Pipe includes:

  • 17MM PE-RT – AVAILABLE IN 120M, 240M, 700M
  • 12MM PE-RT – AVAILABLE IN 100M, 200M, 500M
  • 16MM MLCP – AVAILABLE IN 100M, 200M, 500M

PE-RT stands for ‘polyethylene at raised temperature resistance’. Polyethylene has excellent properties at high pressures and temperatures as well as being very flexible and easy to use. It is non-corrosive and has good resistance to frost, as well as being creep-resistant and has a high impact strength. The outer layer protects the oxygen barrier from mechanical damage and moisture ingress.

The quality of our PE-RT underfloor heating pipework is such, that we offer a lifetime guarantee, which means it is guaranteed against product defect for the lifetime of the building, or 75 years whichever comes sooner.