If you are a plumber looking for underfloor heating parts and some hands-on advice, then you have come to the right place here at Incognito Heat Co.  We are the underfloor heating experts right here between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. We are plumbers ourselves and have done nothing else for more then 10 years.

Underfloor Heating Parts for Plumbers

The underfloor heating market has grown considerably here in Scotland over the past few years. Underfloor heating is recognised by many property developers and a growing number of home improvement sectors as a superior form of main central heating, because of it's sustainability, interior design freedom and being more economical to run.

At Incognito we stock here in Falkirk, Scotland the following underfloor heating parts:

Stock and leadtimes

The most common underfloor heating parts are on stock here at Incognito in Falkirk. Other parts can be in or sent directly to site within a day.

Payment terms

All mayor cards are accepted.