As underfloor heating systems are slower than conventional radiator systems it requires more careful control than traditional radiator systems. 

Underfloor heating controls

At Incognito we stock a range of controls from the basic dial models to the popular digital programmable thermostat. 


Underfloor heating dial thermostat

Incognito also offers a digital/programmable thermostat range that can be controled via smartphones and other handheld devices.

The Neo control system comprises of digital/programmable thermostats which are located in each zone, and have the option to upgrade to smartphone control via the introduction of a NeoHub unit, which plugs into the broadband router.

Wiring centres and actuator valves

The wiring centre is the central wiring point for the control of the underfloor heating system. The wiring centre receives a signal from the thermostat in each heating zone, which in turn controls the actuator valve.