Our Underfloor Heating systems are connected to a number of heat generating appliances. Whilst fossil fuels have been used traditionally, renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted. Harnessing the most abundant source of energy - the sun, heat pumps extract solar energy which has been absorbed by the air, the ground, rivers and lakes.


Ground source heat pump: Collector pipe is laid in one
metre deep trenches in suitable ground conditions. Pipe centres of one metre are maintained across the array. Dependant on the heat requirements of the property, more than one loop may be required, in which case multiple loops are connected to a manifold, before connecting to the plant room as a pair of flow and return pipes. Some sites are scraped back to a depth of one metre as an alternative to digging trenches




Air source heatpump: Ideal for retro fit renewable energy applications or properties with smaller gardens, an air source heat pump harvests solar energy contained in the air around the unit. The unit sits on an external wall with the Domestic hot water cylinder
inside. Each heat pump system is designed to provide 100% of the heating and hot water requirements at the external design Temperature (typically



Ground source heat pump: When mature garden land
mustn’t be disturbed or when
space is a factor, vertical probes are employed. In principal exactly the same as horizontal surface collectors, probes reach deep down into the earth to extract renewable energy. Bores are formed, normally 140mm diameter, into which weighted probes are fitted. A thermally enhanced grouting material is pumped into the borehole to ensure contact between the probes and the ground throughout the life of the system.




Water source heat pump: Renewable energy can be obtained from any body of water large enough to sustain the design extraction rate. Practically this means water must flow in, and flow out, to guarantee a steady ‘flow’ of renewable energy into the system. The pipework, which is attached to a grid for easy retrieval, is floated into the lake and sunk. As water is an excellent collector of solar energy. Your entire heating and hot water requirements may be supplied by a small lake or loch. 


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Collector pipe in a trench

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Renewable heat incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced by the UK Government in 2014 to help kick-start the transition to low carbon heating in the UK, giving help to moving from conventional forms of heating to low carbon alternatives. The scheme provides financial incentives to households and non domestic consumers. 

You can read more about this scheme here: Renewable Heat Incentive.