This underfloor heating project in Perth was a new self-build property located just outside the picturesque village of Dunning in Central Scotland. Incognito Heat Co. were commissioned to provide the complete underfloor heating package. We were approached at initial design stage and were able to offer practical advice on installation methods that are cost and time effective and help to keep the job on target.

We work with clients to deliver cost effective solutions within their budget that achieves the highest possible levels of energy efficiency. This collaboration between client and us worked well as the client now reports that the property is comfortable and has been very efficient over the last four years.

Underfloor Heating Perth

The property comprised of three bedrooms with Ensuites, and a large social hub centering on the kitchen and living area. It has been designed with large areas of floor to ceiling glazing to capture light and take in the beautiful Perth and Kinross countryside. With these spacious open plan areas, underfloor heating was an ideal method of heating the property and preserving design freedom. Temperatures are controlled by programmable thermostats in all rooms. The controls are simple to read and adjust, once the correct temperatures have been set for each room the system takes care of itself. A setback function in the thermostat allows the underfloor heating to cool slightly overnight, but still respond quickly to achieve comfortable conditions for the next day.

The floor construction consisted of concrete slab provided by the client and we supplied and fitted insulation above the slab. The care and attention to detail at this stage is important to ensure that the next stages follow on smoothly. This underfloor heating system in Perth was designed from the outset to be compatible with renewable heat sources such as ground and air source heat pumps. This meant that 17mm Ambiente pipework was installed at closer centres, ensuring that sufficient heat output will be produced from the floor when 45˚C water is circulated through the floor. An anhydrite floor screed was applied over the system. The liquid nature of the screed completely encapsulates the pipework guaranteeing 100% contact and excellent transfer of heat through the screed. Trained operators applied the screed, which was pumped into the property. Material may be pumped many metres both vertically and horizontally, and providing the site is within range of a batching plant there are few situations where we are unable to get screed.

If you click on the image above you can see the detailed technical plan in PDF

If you click on the image above you can see the detailed technical plan in PDF

Underfloor Heating Perth, Kinross & Tayside

This underfloor heating system in beautiful the Perth and Kinross countryside has an Ambiente 12 port stainless steel manifold, connected to an LPG boiler supplied by others. An integral pump and blending valve was supplied to reduce the temperature of the water entering the floor. 17mm 5 layer PE-RT Ambiente pipe was fitted to all rooms with the exception of some cupboard space and below kitchen units. Controls are fully programmable and wired using mains voltage cabling. In new build applications we recommend that controls are hardwired, reserving battery powered controls for renovations or retrofitting when it is not possible to run cabling. The manifold was located in a cupboard off the hallway, which becomes warm as a result. This makes an excellent airing cupboard. The manifold should ideally be central to the property and be readily accessible. Where cupboard space is at a premium Incognito Heat Co. offer manifold cabinets that may be built into walls.

Underfloor heating allows for large areas of floor to ceiling glazing to capture light and take in the beautiful Perth and Kinross countryside

Client supplied and installed laminate type flooring throughout the living areas. When the floor screed was sufficiently dry, the flooring was installed as per manufacturers recommendations. Typically, this involves fitting a soft cushioning layer to absorb impact noise before laying the floating floor. Bathrooms were tiled, the tilers preparing the floor by lightly sanding the surface to remove dust and construction dirt ground into the surface during the build process. Good tiling practices were observed, and a primer was applied to the floor before tiling with an anhydrite compatible flexible adhesive. The underfloor heating was switched off several days before tiling was started, and gradually turned on only after the tile adhesive had fully set.

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