The new Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover with underfloor heating in Glasgow is an important addition to the existing facilities at this cultural centre. The building is set within Glasgow’s leafy Bellahouston Park, attached to the Victorian Walled Garden, and provides flexible space for a wide range of activities.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

The Pavilion building offers around 80m² of studio space. Large amounts of glazing in walls and from its distinctive roof profile flood the room with natural light. Smaller offices and W.C’s flank the main studio, and a small plant room houses the equipment required by the underfloor heating system.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

The entire building is heated by Ambiente PE-RT pipework fitted to steel reinforcing bars within a concrete slab. The pipe is of extremely robust manufacture, made up of 5 layers including an oxygen barrier. As many installers will confirm, the pipe is very flexible and easy to use, even at low outside temperatures.

An air source heat pump was installed to provide space heating to this building. The efficiency of a heat pump is greatly enhanced when the flow temperature is low, and we achieved this by installing the underfloor heating pipe at 150mm centres throughout.

Underfloor heating Glasgow

By carrying out the installation of the Underfloor Heating Glasgow at such an early stage in the construction process, a temporary manifold board had to be constructed.  This allowed the manifold to be suspended at the correct height, until the wall was constructed that would eventually carry it. A 90⁰ bend is fitted onto each UFH ‘tail’ to bring the pipes out neatly from the floor. Pipework was pressurised and held under test whilst the concrete was being poured and finished.

Electrical floor boxes are installed in the slab, and we coordinated our pipework with the site electricians to avoid conflict with the conduit feeding these outlets. In keeping with the slightly ‘industrial’ feel of the building no additional floor finish was intended, and the bare concrete was lightly polished and sealed. Whilst the decision to use a concrete finish was based on aesthetics, it also meant that heat passes through the slab met with very little resistance, further improving efficiencies.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

A Panasonic heat pump was installed, one of the smallest three phase units on the market. Mounted to the rear of the building, the external unit takes low grade energy from the surrounding air, and by a process of refrigeration delivers high grade heat into the building. With space in the plant room at such a premium, we opted to supply a wall mounted buffer tank. The purpose of a buffer tank is to increase the capacity of the heating system and prevent short cycling of the heat pump. We supplied a 100 litre vessel, and mounted this on a wall thus freeing up valuable space below.

To maintain clean lines throughout the studio we supplied a button sensor. This allowed the thermostats to be installed within staff only areas whilst registering the temperature in the public areas. These button sensors are very discreet and can be concealed if necessary.