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6 house development, with air source heat pumps  & underfloor heating in Symington.

6 house development, with air source heat pumps & underfloor heating in Symington.

Incognito Heat Co, a specialist underfloor heating and renewable energy company were instructed by one of our long-standing development partners, Lawrie Construction, to design, supply and install an efficient space heating and hot water system for 6 new family homes.

housing development with air source heat pumps & underfloor heating, Moorlands, Manse Road, Symington.

This new development is located in the village of Symington, just outside of the popular market town of Biggar in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Challenge number one was, that this site was not connected to the national gas grid, meaning conventional gas boilers were not an option as the primary heat source.

Other options considered included either an LPG or oil-fired boilers, however, this made complying with today increasingly stringent building standards regulations a problem.

So, Incognito Heat Co had a better idea in the form of a renewable energy air source heat pump system.

Nibe 2040 air source heat pump system

As Nibe VIP installers, we were in the perfect position to offer a Nibe 2040 air source heat pump system for the primary heat source of each property to efficiently take care of all space heating and domestic hot water requirements.

For the space heating inside each house, we designed, supplied and installed a hydronic wet underfloor heating system, with the pipework attached to the flooring insulation.

This pipework was then encased in a rapid curing 55mm thick Cemfloor liquid floor screed which was also supplied and applied by Incognito Heat Co installation team.

The first floor of each house was heated by a heat pump compatible radiator system.

In summary, as well as providing each home with a safe comfortable warm environment, these state of the art modern heating systems gives the clients the best of both worlds, being both eco-friendly, and at the same time substantially reducing running costs when compared to a more traditional oil or gas fired alternative.

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