The use of engineered joists is increasingly common in house construction. These provide challenges for the Underfloor Heating designer and fitter alike, as traditional installation methods must be adapted, resulting in increased costs and install times. As a result some contractors view radiators as a comfortable trade-off on upper floors. In response Incognito Heat Co. has developed the Prima Rebus™ system that overcomes these issues, and installation is carried out both quickly and safely.

Prima Rebus™ High quality floor screed for timber joisted structures.

Prima Rebus™  is a liquid pumpable self-compacting screed system with additional binders and additives which has been developed for use on timber joisted structures. The binders content means screed can be laid to depths as low as 40mm, critically reducing the weight load on supporting structure.

This means that that screeded underfloor heating systems are now doable on upper floors, where traditionally it has not been considered possible.    

When considering using this system, it is critical to ensure that supporting timber structure has been designed to accommodate the increased weight that is associated with the screed.

Incognito Heat Co work closely with architects and structural engineers prior to plans being submitted for building warrant to ensure this system is seamlessly designed in the fabric of the buildings super structure.

The system offers all the benefits of the cliprail system normally employed on a solid floor, on a timber supported floor. The cliprail system is one of the most common underfloor heating systems providing a quick, flexible and effective form of heating within a screeded floor build up. A 500 gauge polythene slip membrane is installed across the floor prior to fitting cliprails. Once the cliprails are secured in position, the underfloor heating pipework is laid in continuous loops and clipped down in accordance with the underfloor heating design drawings. Once complete, the system is pressure tested and witnessed to finalise the installation. Screeding follows quickly afterwards, which may be as thin as 40mm.

Incognito Heat Co. Prima Rebus™ is suitable for use over the underfloor heating system. PR screed is suited to both residential and commercial properties, and will help to improve the acoustic performance of the floor to meet or exceed Part E of the building regulations. Prima Rebus™ screed also improves the environmental, fire resistance and durability characteristics and gives a concrete feel to a timber supported floor. This system provides increased efficiency and maximises the Temperature Star Rating potential for clients installing ground and air source heat pumps.