A little introduction to this blog

Last Monday our Sales Director Andrew Skirton won the blog competition for Incognito in the class 'website worthy'. Every now and then we call a staff competition and this time it was blogging. The Marketing Manager thought that this was a great idea to get some, as he calls it, 'unique quality content', for the website. You can decide yourself if he succeeded in that..

Lets introduce the author of the article below to you first:

Portrait of Andrew Skirton drawn by a colleague in an earlier staff competition

Not sure if you have met the fellow yet but he talks just the way he writes, so here it comes:

The unseen world of Incognito Underfloor Heating

So what exactly are you on about? What do you do? How does it work? What’s so good about it? Does anyone even care? Does anyone actually want it?

In my darker moments, (do you ever get those?) the latter question pushes through my mind; it shouldn’t of course, because I absolutely believe it’s the way forward, the future, the way to go, a no brainer if you prefer.

I’m talking about our product, which is of course the best of the best, extraordinary in its simplicity, brilliant in it execution, delivering exactly what it’s designed to do, quietly, efficiently, with no fuss or excitement. In fact, you’d hardly know it was even there.

So it’s out of sight and out of mind, and easy to take for granted. However you’d certainly notice it, if for any reason it wasn’t working:)

In todays increasingly hard to please, crowded and challenging market places, where excitement thresholds are at an all time high, what is this thing? And why is it so good? And if it really is that good, why isn’t everyone using it?

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Well it’s not particularly new. The Romans actually left us examples of underfloor heating North of Glasgow, when they were over here in Britain some 2000 plus years ago, it obviously worked well for them, and it’s widely accepted that they (the Romans) were smart people, in many ways ahead of their time with their engineering excellence.

Roman regimental bath house with underfloor heating Glasgow

Bearsden's Roman Baths (by the way did you know that Andrew is originally from Bath?!)

Air heated by two furnaces passed beneath raised floors. (Bearsden north of Glasgow)

It’s 30 percent more efficient than its more traditional alternative (come on, that’s good) are you with me?

It’s safer (again that’s good,) please do try and keep up. It works extremely well with green renewable energy (yep, that’s good as well) your catching on now, well done. It does not obstruct your interior design ideals (unlike a certain more traditional method). In short, it’s really good.

So what am I talking about? And can I justify my claims? Let me explain:

I am of course referring to “UNDERFLOOR HEATING”. Actually to be honest, explicitly, INCOGNITO HEAT CO, UNDERFLOOR HEATING.

A few fizzy facts to consider which back up my lofty claims:


Underfloor heating uses the whole floor as a heat emitter, effectively turning it (the floor) into a giant radiator, typically meaning your boiler only needs to produce a flow temperature of 35 / 45 degrees to create comfort conditions. Traditionally a boiler would need to deliver 70 plus degrees for a conventional radiator system to create similar temperature levels (notice I didn’t mention comfort conditions?) That’s because an underfloor heating system delivers superior comfort conditions at lower temperatures due to its even all room no cold spots coverage.

Product photography by Photographer Stirling

So you don’t need to be Albert Einstein to work out that it will produce the very best comfort conditions, at significantly lower running costs in comparison to a traditional radiator system.


Let’s face it; radiators are a safety hazard which we accept just because they have always been there. But consider the cold hard facts; a radiator is a protruding oblong metal panel, with harsh edges which is normally attached to at least one of the main walls in every room of your house. When you consider that these radiators will often be too hot to touch, you can appreciate that these traditional (much loved) heat sources are in fact a very real safety hazard to all of us, but especially the very young, disabled and the old and infirm.

Renewable energy

Typically, a renewable energy ground or air source heat pump will work most efficiently when asked to produce a flow temperature of between 35 and 45 degrees, this is absolutely perfect for underfloor heating. Again, no need to consult Mr Einstein about this one, even you and I can work this out.

Interior Design

Rest easy Mr Einstein, we can work this one out for ourselves as well. With no radiators cluttering up our wall space, we can place furniture just wherever we want. Wow, that’s not bad, never realised this was an option.

Okay, I think that enough pontificating from me on the technical benefits.

So why Incognito Heat Co, who are they? How long have they been there? Where do they ply their trade? And are they the right people to consult before embarking on that exciting new house build or refurbishment?

Our head office is in Falkirk central Scotland, and from this base we operate throughout Scotland, and the north of England, with current sites ranging from Aberdeenshire, Central Scotland, the Boarders, the North East, Penrith and the Lake District. We’ve been here since 2005, and are planning to be here for many years to come (so get use to it).

Finally, are we the right people to speak to? The answer is of course a resounding “ABSOLUTLEY” Sustainable Heating is our passion, we love it. The other thing we love is complete customer satisfaction.

We have a great team, we are friendly, committed, knowledgeable, easy to work with, come on, pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts today, let start on this exciting journey!

There is more, much more, I haven’t even mentioned our floor screeds or renewable energy division yet, but and time is running out and this blog to already too long so I will leave on this final note, our people.

By far the most important component of our business, the reason we succeed, our people, we would be nowhere without them.

As the great Scottish American industrialist Andrew Carnegie once quoted “Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors......Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory." 

I will close on that inspiring note, on another day, another blog; I will do proper justice to the people who make it all happen for us.

So did he succeed?

And what do you think? We thoroughly enjoyed reading this, but we are biased because we know Andrew. So we are very much looking forward to your comments!