Floating floor systems

Floating floor systems consist of pipes laid into pre-grooved and foiled insulation boards which can be laid directly onto the floor surface below.


  • Can be used in existing floor constructions

  • Panels manufactured to suit layout plan

  • Rapid installation

  • Wide range of applications

  • Quick response time (typical heat output: 80 watts/m²)


AmbiFloat 10 system requires a flat and level subfloor for the insulation to fully support the floor finish on top. The insulation is pre-grooved to take the underfloor heating pipework and over laid with a thick foil to assist the distribution of heat. The polystyrene insulation panels are manufactured per project to suit the underfloor heating design drawings. The system is then overlaid with a fully floating floor deck onto which your floor finish is applied. In the case of wooden floors, this can be laid directly on to the insulation to
minimise height buildup and maximise the heating output.  


The AmbiFloat 20 system provides a
flexible and effective form of heating within battened floor buildups and can be used in both existing and new build applications with minimal effect to the overall floor build up. It can also be easily adapted to suit sprung sports floors, acoustic batten floors and over-battened floors.


The AmbiFloat 30 system is designed
specifically for joisted floor constructions
and provides a stable and eff ective form
of heating. Similar to the AmbiPlate
20 system, the AmbiFloat 30 system
incorporates the aluminium profile and
insulation into one product. The insulation panels are made from high density insulation to provide increase strength and are available in various thicknesses starting from 25mm.